Medical Underpayments

Stryde by IdeaWins has developed the most advanced forensic audit system in the healthcare industry. Using its proprietary software and team of payer contract experts, we perform a forensic analysis on every remittance received in a 12-24 month period to determine contractual compliance of each reimbursement. We have a 100% success rate and typically recover between 10-20% of collections from payers. We do this on a contingent based approach with no up front fees for the client. We do not change, alter or compete with any services or processes you currently have in place to collect on closed out underpayments. All remittances we look through have already been fully adjudicated by your staff. 

All of the revenue we collect flows directly to the facility, nothing comes through IdeaWins. Once we have finished collecting we will then send the facility an invoice for 30% of the total revenue we were successful in collecting.

The only thing the facility is responsible for is uploading their EMR 835/837 forms into an encrypted cloud file along with their contract agreements from the insurance providers that we will be collecting on.

For over 10 years, Underpayments have been our singular expertise. Our custom software hyper-focuses on contractual noncompliance. This is in fact how we can generate such a high recovery rate. We don’t integrate, replace, or have anything to do with the client’s current software. It doesn’t matter if you already have an internal or external process in place for underpayments. We have nothing to do with revenue cycle management or processes. We are the medical facilities stop gap qualify control. There is nothing on the market like what we offer. We pay for the entire process and only bill the hospital if we are successful.

Case Studies

Sample Case Studies:

• 123-bed Texas hospital: $6 million in underpayments through BCBS
• 142-bed Louisiana hospital:  $10 million+ in underpayments for top 4
• Large Pennsylvania Private Hospital: $1.2 million in underpayments
from their 4th largest payer. Represents 18% of their collections for the
• A hospital network: $30 million in underpayments from just three facilities.
• A large Ohio physician group: $7 million in underpayments in BCBS
professional alone.
• A Tennessee clinic: $1 to $1.5 million in underpayments per payer
• Small Texas Community Hospital: $4 million in underpayments
from BCBS alone.
• A Missouri hospital: Over $20 million in underpayments

There is no risk for the facility to let us look to see what we can find. Book a time on my calendar to get started determining if your medical facility qualifies. The process to prequalify can take up to 2 weeks.