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Defining The Native American Small Business Environment

Defining The Native American Small Business Environment

There are about 270,000 Native American-owned enterprises in the United States. As reported by the most current Survey of Business and Franchise Owners and Self-Employed People carried out by the United States Census Bureau. Checking out some federal resources for Native American-owned businesses is a good idea. Also methods that you may support them directly, and see if any of these apply to what you’re looking for.

An individual is considered to be of Indian ancestry if they have some degree of Indian blood in them. Are recognized as such by tribe, the U.S. government, or both. This is the general definition of an Indian. There is not just one definition that can determine whether or not a person is an Indian. When determining who is eligible for certain services and programs, different government organizations employ a variety of criteria. Also, different tribes have different requirements to become a member.

It is essential to make a distinction between the term “Indian” used in political and legal contexts and the ethnological term “Indian.” The fact that an individual claims membership in a Tribe recognized by the government, when the United States maintains a responsibility, is what qualifies that individual for the protections and services offered by the United States government to tribal members. This membership does not depend on the person’s standing as an American Indigenous in the sense of an ethnological category.

Support and Information for Native American Entrepreneurs (Or Aspiring Native American Business Owners)

How the support works

Beginning a new business is not a simple undertaking. Yet, if you have the necessary assistance and knowledge, it is possible to have a highly rewarding and successful career in this field. There are a number of programs that the federal government supports to provide assistance. To Native American small business owners in the United States in the areas of contracting and company development. The federal government has been involved in defining Native American small business concepts and strategy since 1949. Before then it was left up to local jurisdictions such as cities, counties, states, and territories, to provide Indigenous guidance. A couple of the highlights are as follows:

The Office of Indigenous Affairs – They are well-known for their participation in the 8(a) Business Development Program. This program’s goal is to provide minority-owned businesses with more equitable access to opportunities for federal contracting. The federal government is known for its involvement in this program.

In addition to this, they participate in a number of strategic alliances with other groups that have the same objective. Of encouraging the formation, growth, and expansion of small companies within the Native American community.

Native American entrepreneurs have access to free technical assistance in a variety of places across the United States. Several locations provide this assistance to Native American entrepreneurs.

Training is available if you qualify

Training in topics such as sales. Marketing. Financial planning. Computer literacy. Taxation. Human resources. And government contracting. Are examples of the types of topics covered under the umbrella of “technical assistance.” There is also the possibility of receiving assistance with the formulation of business plans and the cultivation of business relationships. 

Workshops on Entrepreneurial Empowerment — Sister Sky, Inc. and Redwind offer a range of seminars centered on the topic of business strategy within the Indigenous community. Check the latest updates to the workshop schedules in case of government shut-downs or a resurgence of the pandemic; nonetheless, a complete list of upcoming opportunities exists on the websites of each organization. 

Are you a Native American student who is contemplating or already working toward the goal of opening your own small business? You can make an appointment for career coaching using Handshake so that you can talk about your plans with a career coach and get some advice about the steps that come next. 

Encourage the growth of small businesses run by Native American entrepreneurs

You may show your support for Native American entrepreneurs. Even if you are neither Native American nor an entrepreneur yourself by patronizing firms that Native Americans wholly or partially own. On their website, the American Indian Business Association provides a database of firms owned by Native Americans. These enterprises span a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, electronics, clothes, coffee, and more. You can also find lists that the general public has compiled, such as this Buy Native List, from Beyond Buckskin. A website and business for promoting and selling fashion  made by Native Americans, or this list of 20+ Native American-Owned Businesses to Shop, which includes beauty stores, bookstores, clothing and shoe stores, home stores, and jewelry stores. 

You can also search social media using the hashtag #nativeSBA to identify Native American businesspeople who are sharing their work or who work in other outlets.