5 Restaurants Serving Delicious Grub in Iowa according to Iowa Starting Line

5 Restaurants Serving Delicious Grub in Iowa according to Iowa Starting Line

When you think of Iowa, food is maybe not the first thing that comes to your mind. However, you would be surprised to know that Iowa has some great restaurants. These restaurants are famous for their illustrious history or unique atmospheres or simply because they have been in Iowa for decades. Despite the different reasons for gaining distinctions, there is one thing common in these restaurants, all of them offer great food. 

So if you have been a long-time resident in Iowa or are just there visiting, Iowa Starting Line, a Courier Newsroom publication has put together a list of 5 iconic restaurants that are worth adding to your bucket list.

Rube’s Steakhouse, Montour

118 Elm St.

Let’s face it, we all love steaks, and they’re probably one of the most famous foods out there. But what sets apart this steakhouse in Montour is that more than good steaks, it is a place to connect with others. 

The restaurant offers a massive open barbecue where guests cook their own steaks. You can pick what kind of meat you want and then get grilling. Guests can also opt to barbecue chicken, shrimp, or pork. And don’t worry if you are a grilling novice because Rube’s waitstaff is there to help you. What’s even better, the steaks are sourced locally. 

Bluff Lake Catfish Farm, Maquoketa

9301 95th Ave.

We’ve all heard that it’s best to eat food at its source, so there is no doubt that the seafood served at Bluff Lake Catfish Farm is going to be the best. This is because this restaurant is located between a waterfall and two lakes. 

What’s more interesting is that they specialize in all-you-can-eat dishes, so remember to wear stretchy pants. And you can’t just go to this place any day, they are only open on weekends and make sure you get there early because they also don’t take any reservations. The Courier Newsroom publication, however, guarantees that all of this will be worth it for the amazing seafood on offer. 

Ox Yoke Inn, Amana

4420 220th Trail

If you are in Iowa and find yourself craving some authentic German cuisine, then head on over to the Ox Yoke Inn. The restaurant is an homage to the legacy of the Amana Colonies, the seven German villages founded by immigrants in 1855. 

Its menu honors the German heritage with an elaborate menu of dishes that have been passed down through many generations. And while the restaurant offers popular American dishes, the Courier Newsroom publication recommends trying the sauerbraten or some tasty schnitzel. 

Northwestern Steakhouse, Mason City

304 16th St. NW

This restaurant has been open for business since 1920. However, what makes them famous is not the history but the unique way they cook their steaks – they are broiled as they do in Greece. This means that the meat literally melts in your mouth. 

The restaurant only uses top-quality meats, and customers can take advantage of many popular cuts, including filets and ribeye. The restaurant also serves roasted chicken. Canadian walleye, broiled shrimp, and lamb chops.  

General Store Pub, Stone City

12612 Stone City Rd.

Located near the Wapsipinicon River, about 30 miles northeast of Cedar Rapids, this pub is famous for its limestone building. This building shot to fame after Grant Wood included it in his first major landscape painting called “Stone City Iowa”. 

The General store has an expansive and quirky menu that has something for everyone. It is recommended that you try the “Wapsi Willies”, buttered and breaded shrimp, or the “River Rocks”, which are white cheddar Wisconsin cheese curds. The pub also has a variety of delicious pizzas on its menu.