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How Much for SEO?

How Much for SEO?

Want more website traffic?

You’re probably asking yourself: Small business SEO cost? Agency and SEO specialist rates vary. Before signing a contract or hiring a consultant, small businesses with restricted budgets should know SEO expenses. You need assurances. Answers:


Can it get too expensive for a small business? You can’t proceed if you don’t know ahead of time. So take time to study the matter thoroughly. Chat with colleagues who have had success with SEO. See what your competition is doing with it. And don’t fall for any hard sells from online sites that promise the moon. Read the fine print first. Always get a second opinion before signing. Then get a third opinion. Then talk to your investors and your board of directors. If you have one. If you don’t, visit a convention or go to a business person’s lunch where you can ask around. Hear differing opinions. See who is passionate about what. And why. Never underestimate the value of taking it slow. When it comes to commitment and spending your money. 

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SEO (search engine optimization) optimizes a website for search engines. That is to say, SEO targets keywords related to your products or services. Keyword research, link building, local SEO, on- and off-page optimization, and competitive analysis are common. ROI can take months.

However, SEO is generally the company’s most cost-effective digital marketing method.

How Is SEO Priced?

Pricing depends on industry and competition for any unregulated service. Most consultants and organizations use these pricing models:

Hourly: Your agency receives compensation for any time spent on your brand. An agency can optimize a keyword-targeted landing page.

Project-based: This approach ends when an agreed-upon project finishes.

Keyword research and backlink building are examples.

Monthly SEO cost is the most popular. You employ a business to execute regular SEO chores to rank the website. Because SEO takes time (and there’s always more to accomplish), many SEO businesses offer varied fees depending on your length of involvement.

Average Small Business SEO Cost

Let’s break down each pricing model to get an average SEO cost for a small firm. Many polls have increased SEO pricing transparency in recent years.


Hourly hiring is costly. Moz surveyed 600 people and organizations in 2012.

It averaged $76–$200 per hour. This figure may be low if you’re working with a well-known or experienced agency.

Project-based ($1,000–10,000+)

Many reports say these prices start at $1,000 and can reach $10,000+. The beginning point is correct because the agency requires a healthy price to justify it. Depending on the effort, the top end will vary greatly. Ask for monthly billing instead of a major project-based price from an agency or consultant.

Monthly ($250–$3,000)

GetCredo revealed that individual consultants charged $887 per month and agencies $1,461. If you have an ecommerce store or multi-location organization, this number may be larger, especially if you use SEO services. You’ll need to stay competitive in a crowded digital industry. Mobile, voice, and augmented reality increase SEO costs and competition. Good agencies can help. Manta provides economical small business SEO services to boost search engine rankings. 

In-house SEO Cost Specialist

Hire an in-house SEO specialist if you’re unsure about employing an SEO agency or consultancy. In 2022, the average US SEO professional earned $46,000, according to It can be profitable, but many small firms find it expensive.

SEO Budget: How Much?

With pricing models in mind, how much should you spend on SEO? Competition dominates this question. E-commerce websites and local services in big cities are more competitive and cost more. The cost estimates above are likely to be higher. Local SEO efforts in smaller cities will cost less due to less competition. Estimate your cost using the lower range. Competition determines SEO spending. 

Use our free website analysis tool to evaluate SEO. After you submit the form, a digital marketing professional can provide a more precise estimate of your recommended spend.

SEO cost tasks?

We now know SEO expenses. Let’s look at some of an agency, consultant, or specialist’s SEO campaign tasks.

Optimizing Content

SEO begins with content optimization, or on-page SEO. Small businesses may have little website material. Content optimization involves improving existing material and creating search engine-friendly content. Optimized content is a good start but not the only ranking criteria.

It should cover SEO basics and have a big impact. SEO content plan is better than one-time content optimization. 


Technical SEO improves website technical factors to boost search ranks. Search engines consider content, mobile friendliness, site speed, and more. Hiring an SEO company might save you hours of research. Technical SEO projects might be one-time or continuous. Hiring a professional or consultant to maintain your website can make it easier to run at full capacity.

Link-building is essential to SEO. Search engines favor websites with backlinks. Quality content generates some links on your site. Outsourcing your SEO strategy for backlinks to a link-building business can help you rank faster and save money. To demonstrate authority to search engines, develop quality backlinks monthly.

Local SEO/Business Listings

Local SEO and online business listing maintenance can help market a local firm. Furthermore, local SEO helps boost local keyword rankings. It’s cheap and effective for city visibility. Business listings help you expand online and provide customers with correct information. Monthly SEO efforts and company listing services go together. 

SEO Cost Results: How Long?

Ranking on the top page of search results takes 6-12 months. Maintaining first-page rankings and improving your strategy takes time and effort. Website traffic and revenue should increase as rankings improve. Results depend on competition and spending. 

Small Business SEO: Worth It?

SEO is longer-term than PPC and other digital marketing techniques. An effective SEO effort can yield substantial long-term returns. SEO helps you stay on the front page of search engines. SEO generates more leads and income for your organization at a lesser cost but costs more upfront.