The Benefits of Spring Cleaning For Your Home Office

The Benefits of Spring Cleaning For Your Home Office

Spring cleaning is an essential part of a refresh for your home, and should always include your home office. Even though this is an area you might not love to be in, having a clean and organized home office can help to create a space that is conducive to productivity and creativity. 

Shanna Nelson of The Artisan Rings says that “a clear space creates a clear mind which is something that you often strive for when it comes to getting work done. When you have less clutter around you, it makes it easier to concentrate on important tasks as you aren’t focusing on the mess around you.”

Nelson also states that “an organized room helps to increase productivity as you aren’t distracted and won’t get up during the work day to tidy up. A deep spring cleaning is also a great chance for you to rearrange your workspace to provide the room with better energy and make it feel good to be in that space.” 

It’s possible the setup you had before wasn’t very motivating, and maybe you were right next to a drafty window which made it tough to concentrate before. Rearranging a space can help you to find a configuration that works for you and can help you to fuel your creativity and inner motivation.

The founder of Retirement Investments, Donny Gamble says that, “one thing an office spring cleaning can help with is encouraging you to be in your home office. Sometimes when a space becomes too overcrowded and disorganized it becomes too overwhelming to work in that space. When you take the time to clean and organize your workspace, you won’t be tempted to work somewhere else in your home, which can prove to be a distraction.” 

It’s important to have your own space to work as this ensures you knock things off of your to-do-list and you don’t end up working more than necessary. You can also have a physical separation from the rest of your home where your household knows is your designated office. This makes it a secure and undisturbed place to be able to conduct your business affairs.

Gamble also states that, “a clean home office makes it easier to find things quickly, which helps to reduce wasted time and frustration. Nothing is more stressful than trying to find that one document to be able to finish a task before the end of the workday.”

Part of your home office spring cleaning should also include finding storage that works in this space, says Gamble. “You want to find storage or shelves to use in your office if you have a lot of loose papers and office supplies. Having them all neatly tucked away makes it much easier to have an office space that works for you. You shouldn’t be stressed in your office. It should instead be a place where you can feel motivated and ready to take on the day.”

No matter your home office setup, you should take advantage of annual spring cleaning to make it a space you can feel comfortable in to make your at-home work experience the best it can be.