market budget targets HVAC business

How to market your HVAC business

How to market your HVAC business

HVAC marketing tips

Successful businesses require new clients. Your HVAC business relies on referrals and word-of-mouth like most service firms. Building an HVAC company requires more than HVAC software. Promotion. Expanding. Why?

Plan your spending like other business issues. Without a marketing plan, you may waste money.

Plan your HVAC business marketing.

Marketing budgets and schedules quantify your advertising plan. It includes branding, consumer acquisition, and retention. 


Start with marketing schedules. It requires specific steps. Your marketing budget can include or exclude the timeline. Reminders can be simple or complicated. Determine what marketing is needed and when throughout the year. Who are you mailing before the busy season? When to renew annual website hosting?

Simple tasks

Setting marketing goals and knowing how and when to achieve them will differ. 

Marketing budget

Budget is another marketing plan element. Marketing expenditures vary. Many factors affect marketing’s 3%–7% revenue share. 


Fund allocation may change if your mid-size firm grows. To achieve those and other goals, you’ll require advertising funds.


Seasonality and business location effect budgeting. Monthly advertisement. Spend peaks before busy months? If not, match peak-month sales with advertising. Match that percentage.

The southern summer AC season is longer. Promote your brand through pre-season promotion. 

Your company emphasizes HVAC especially for northern climates. July-August market. Budget early or off-season offers, preventative maintenance discounts, or free estimates for major work.

You want customers to consider HVAC service at odd hours. Consumers return after successful outreach.

Markets for your HVAC business

Market circumstances are also non-seasonal. Uncompetitive market? Minimal marketing may work. Competitive market: expect to spend more to maximize exposure. Service area determines advertising prices. Expect greater prices in cities. Ads reach more people. 

Online advertising may lower expenses but require diverse sources. Discuss HVAC business advertising after learning the marketing plan’s timeline and budget. Simple or elaborate brand advertising. However, combining old-school and modern ways will reach many clients.

Marketing likely began here

Home services offline advertising works. Despite online vendor research, traditional methods fill brand exposure shortages.They can even outperform internet options. 


Referrals drive most home service companies. Trusted referrals are the best source of new clients.

Direct Mail

It’s cheap, effective, and one of the oldest ways to reach many people. A direct mailing company will add new customers to your mailing list. Make sure your clients need you (such as older neighborhoods instead of brand new subdivisions). HVAC software automates this.


Influencer marketing is another method.

Community outreach involves:

  • Local sponsorships.
  • Discounts to high-exposure groups (HOAs, real estate agents, local builders, or property management groups).
  • Volunteering time or resources to causes (such as Habitat for Humanity).

You market to people who need your services or know many who do.

Online ads

Over the past decade, the internet has become a massive economic engine for all businesses. Local businesses, especially HVAC firms, are being found, researched, and engaged online. New HVAC business services need an internet presence, even if they’re profitable.

Company website

Three to five years ago, non-retail corporate websites were often just static billboards with firm name, contact info, and some general information.

Websites today are interactive. Well-designed and maintained websites boost organic traffic. 

Local HVAC suppliers in your neighborhood have higher Google organic search rankings, the pinnacle of online marketing. 

Networking an HVAC business

Social media discussion naturally includes Facebook. Your HVAC company must be available. Facebook advertising is great.

Facebook ads may hyper-target clients. Adverts on Facebook cost money, but they can help businesses expand or stand out in congested fields.


Video’s hot. Videos on your website or YouTube and linked to it bring your advertising message to life. HVAC companies may utilize films to demonstrate equipment or explain filter changes (like smart thermostats). You want to promote your HVAC business while providing helpful (and interesting) information. 


Directories can boost your online presence along with a website and social media. Angie’s List, the BBB, Bing, Google, and Yelp enable your HVAC business listings (at little to no cost with premium options available on several). Linking these sites to your website improves searchability, especially for local firms. 


Email marketing is commonplace. Pre- and post-service advertising works effectively (as follow-up engagement or a general thank you). Website, phone, and in-person encounters build email lists. Use your list.


Your company is changing. Marketing follows. Finding your finest advertising sources and when they operate takes patience. Keep trying until you find the right recipe. 

A marketing plan explains how to and how much to publicize your HVAC  business.